Client management for trust between an outside domain + SCCM



Can we use our existing SCCM Infra to manage client If we have a trust between an outside domain ?

Please share any reference URL to check the configuration and prerequisites.


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    Hello – If I understand your question correctly,

    You want to install and manage clients who are in the untrusted forest.

    If so, this is possible –

    – Your Primary server in Domain A
    – Your Client is in Domain B
    – There is no trust between Domain A and B
    – If you want to manage clients in Domain B
    — You need to install Remote MP, DP, and SUP in domain B
    — If that is installed you can install and manage clients from Domain B without any issue

    Real world example is provided here (Ignore the MP rotation issue this issue is resolved in the latest version of SCCM)

    Make sure you read to get more details about other requirements like Require the site server to Initiate Connection to this Site System



      Thank you .. Would appreciate if you could please clarify:

      1. It it mandatory to setup additional server for MP/DP/SUP ? Also want to know if there any DNS configuration / Schema extension and AD privileged required to manage and remotely to sccm client installation for external domain systems?

      2. if there conflict of the IP Subnet range for the external domain infra and current infra then does any configuration changes required to be done in the SCCM infra side ?

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