Client push not working after ports open


445 tcp opened bi directional

135 tcp & UDP opened bi-directional

Dynamic ports opened bi directional

Manual install works.

For client push getting below error in CCM.log::

* Unale to connect to emi(rootccm) on remote machine error – 0x8004100e

* First attempt to copy file “c:program filesconfiguration managerbini386ccmsetup” to ccmsetup.exe failed (64)

* Error copying files defined in the TCF file (64)

* Failed to install ccm client bootstrap component on client (64)

* Execute query exec [sp_cp_setlasterrorcode] 16824239, 64

Please help on this error.

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ram kumar 8 months 2020-08-27T14:08:43+05:30 7 Answers 86 views Beginner 0

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    Manual client install and patching is working


    I am trying to convey that only if we open any to any between source and primary server client push works.

    Still I need few other ports to be opened which I don’t know.

    Ports such LDAP , secure LDAP , 137, 138 , 139, 88
    Not sure whether it will work after opening this.


    You need to sort out the permissions if the ports open 🙁 Nothing I can help at this point of time

    You need to find a loop hole… it’s pretty simple… you don’t have proper permissions … provide screenshots using


    You need to find a loop hole… it’s pretty simple… you don’t have proper permissions … provide screenshots using


    Hi Anoop,

    All client push ports are opened bi-directional.
    80 , 443 , 8530 , 8531, 135 , 445 are opened.
    It dint work.

    After opening any to any it worked.
    How to find the ports required??


    3 points mentioned is satisfied
    I have seen youtube video as well earlier.
    I am not getting any loop hole.

    Wmi test is successful. But geting unable to connect to wmi error.


    Have you mind going through the video below?

    1. Portquery is working fine for all these ports
    2. Admin$ access is there?
    3. Primary server or the user who initiates the client push is part of local administrative groups of client computer?

    HTMD-CM 0️⃣7️⃣SCCM Client Push Installation Method ExplainedDNSAdmin$CCMSetup.logClient.Msi.log

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