Client push not working after ports open


Client push is enabled on primary server

– source to wsus server – opened 80/443/8530/8531

– source to primary server – opened 10123/80/443

-Primary server to source – opened 135/445

-Source to primary server – opened dynamic ports (49152 to 65535)

Finally I am not able to do client push to azure VM

Any other ports needs to be opened ???

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  1. No response hence closing the thread


    If only 445 opened from client – client can access admin$.
    Am I right ?


    It’s mentioned “between” in the guide
    Is that mean bidirectional open


    Is 445 bidirectional or unidirectional


    – Admin$ share should present
    – Admin$ access on windows 10

    Can you guide how to enable this both.


    How to enable access for admin$ on client machine ?

    Do we need to enable separate port ?

    Admin$ not working from client machine I hope because of this I have client push issue

  2. Hello – I don’t think so… the following are the ports required.

    SMB between the site server and the client computer. — 445
    RPC endpoint mapper between the site server and the client computer. 135 135
    RPC dynamic ports between the site server and the client computer. — 49152-65535
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) from the client computer to a management point when the connection is over HTTP. — 80/443

    But what is the error your are getting … they are many other prerequisites needed for client push that I explained in

    Have you already checked?

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