CM 2002 KB4567007 Stuck at post installation


Hi all
During kb4567007 installation in mecm 2002 the installtion stuck at post installtion task .. anyone faced this issue ?

Monitoring replication initialisation not working.

Cmupdate log is showing there is no pending update to be processed



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  1. Any update on this thread? I hope the above reply helped you?

    As I mentioned my server is still stuck there

    So no worries it’s GUI issue

  2. Checked the service its up and running

  3. Check that Standalone server – Configuration_manager_Update service –> If that service is stopped then start the service then check the cmupdate.log


  4. This is a stand-alone site .. while upgrading i checked services are stopped and few has been disabled what i have monitored. But now i am checking all servers are reporting sms executive components status to warning
    Do you have any idea??

  5. Hi,

    Your infrastructure is standalone or multi tier ?

    Standalone – Check SCCM and SQL services are stopped while performing upgrade.

    Multi Tier – Wait for 1 day to replicate the action to downsteam servers.

    Ensure you should have proper admin access on both site server and database server while performing upgrade.


  6. We don’t have tenant attach option enabled in our environment .. I am leaving it as is for to night . Let’s see

  7. Hello – As I mentioned in the group. Have you configured tenant attach options in your SCCM infra? If not you don’t have to worry much about the sequence of the hotfix installation. More details available

    However, I have seen this issue in my test lab. It sits post installation stage and stuck there.

    I ignored it and checked all the functionality.

    It looks ok for me.

    It might say the services are not started. But in really the services were already started and running. So I think you can safely ignore the same if you see all functionalities are fine.

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