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Hello Experts,

Want to check your opinion.

I am going to implement CMG in my environment having CAS, 2 primary and 4 secondary sites.

Now as per MS we need to configure Azur web service and cloud management gateway at CAS, and then the CMG connection point roles in both primary sites.

I need to understand if someone has implemented CMG having CAS in there environment. My point are:

1. How many VM instances should I consider for managing around 16000 clients as MS says one VM instance can manage 6000 clients, I want opinion from someone using it in live environment.

2. Do we need CMG connection point role on both primary and do we need to connect both primary to a single CMG?

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  1. Hi – I think you can refer to Rajul’s CMG video if you have not seen this already

    He answered almost all the question from his real-world experience

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