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We have standalone primary on Azure with 1902 version.

Two DP On Premise and one DP on Azure for Remote machines which were connected to VPN.

I want to implement CMG here as most of the machines are not connected to VPN. For the purpose we had on Prem dp is not being utilised.

Can you please suggest how should setup the CMG in such senario.

We don’t have Azure AD joined machines everything is on On Prem infra.

Do I need to  build one server ON Prem for CMG connection?

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    I am not sure if I read it correctly or not . Below article says for Azure AD joined sevice for EHTTP.


    We have PKI infra however my client doesn’t want to use existing PKI.


    EHTTP will work only for Azure AD joined machines but we don’t have Azure AD joined machines in our infra.


    Hello – Try this CMG with CDP guide by Vimal

    Latest SCCM CMG Implementation Guide with EHTTP Certificate

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