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Hi Fellow techies!

Setup CMG for a client recently. The client is using 2013 version of MECM.

It seems app installs to the CMG device collection group work fine but not any software updates. I have enabled to allow CMG traffic on the SUP properties as well as the MP that also serves as a CMG connection point. I haven’t done it on other MPs in the environment, do I need to?

Reviewing the logs (WUAhandler.log and UpdatesDeployment.log) seem to indicate that the scan fails and I am getting error 0x80240438 in both logs. Looking into this error it seems it could be proxy related perhaps?

The client uses a proxy to filter traffic. Do any proxy exceptions need to be added in to factor in CMG software update traffic?

When deploying a software update to the device collection it never appears in software center on the client.

I have noticed that on the server that hosts the SUP, the site system role does have a proxy configured but on the settings on the SUP, it doesn’t.

Any help on this would be appreciated.




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    Have you already fixed the issue? I’m going to close the ticket.

    Can you please comment the feedback if there is any.

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    Just to add the reason I haven’t allowed CMG traffic on all MPs is for CMG clients I want them to only use a particular MP and not all.

    Just to add, Do I need to make any changes on the boundary groups?

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