Collection association with DP Group

  1. If I distribute content to collection then app will get distributed to only DP associated member of collection. Is my understanding correct?
  2. I am not able to distribute application content to any collection as in my DP group there is no associated available.
  3. What will happen or impact if I associate any collection with DP group.
  4. Please suggest.

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    Please note Only the collections that are associated with a distribution point group are displayed while distributing the content. If you want to leverage this feature you should associate Collections to DPs.

    Its difficult to say on the impact assessment until we know the complete use case and requirement, it depends. I do not think there can be any impact

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    Hello – Can you please explain the scenario more?

    I think I got confused…

    – Are you trying to distribute the application to DP or DP Group?
    – Are you trying to distribute the content to the collection associated with DP group? As shown here

    If your question how to associate a collection with SCCM DP group – Here is the way

    But this is only applicable for custom collections. I couldn’t do it for All Systems and other default collections

    Does that make sense

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