Comparison between Windows update for business and CMG for users connected from home for Win10 inplace upgrade and patch deployment including the non-miscrosoft patches


Need to know the pros and cons of both the options when you have a sccm environment in place.

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    So the actual comparison is between IPU and WUfB for Windows 10 upgrade

    And answer is

    – It depends on your IPU – how much custom action you put in there and what are the things you need there

    – if you have lot of customisations in your ipu task Sequence, you might loose all those custom option when you shift to Windows update for Business.

    – IPU is more granular interns of customisations , scheduling, user experience options if you compare it with WUfB

    Does this make sense

    Best answer

    I am comparing them on 2 aspects. Patching and Win10 inplace upgrade. I know both can do this. So want to know the comparison of both for above cases. Sorry if I am confusing all.


    Both have different Use cases

    CMG – Can be should be compared with IBCM and I don’t know why you want to compare cmg and WUfB

    WUfB is altogether a different solution

    So from my perspective you are comparing apple with orange

    Or Am I missing something here pls


    Hi Anoop, I want to know the pros and cons of windows update for business AND CLOUD management gateway.


    You mean Windows Update for Business with co-management via Intune ?

    If so, I have explained in the following video last part

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