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Upgrading my Primary Site Server from V2103 to V2111 . Got some error in DMPDOWNLOADER.LOG

Found that , in order to update further TLS1.2 enable is required.

Knew that It has to start with Clients >> Site Server >> Remote Site Components.

Also, Supportive Version of .Net > SQL Server & Native Clients > WSUS support> Registry Editing.


Does somebody prepared a document for all this. Like…Step by Step guide in a much informal way.

I would be really appreciate if somebody share the details here…



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  1. To enable TLS 1.2 for SCCM, you will need to follow

    Enable TLS 1.2 for clients
    Ensure that TLS 1.2 is enabled as a protocol for SChannel at the operating system level
    Update and configure the .NET Framework to support TLS 1.2
    Update SQL Server and client components
    Update Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

    More details

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