Configuration Manager console hangs for 20 seconds every 10 minutes


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I am having a standalone primary site server, OS – 2012 r2, CB – 1902. A Configuration Manager console stops responding (hangs) for about 20 seconds every 10 minutes.

I have figured out one workaround, Added registry key – Registry subkey:

Value name: HeartbeatInterval

Value type: DWORD

Value data: 1440.

Still no luck, Can anyone please advise on it.



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Sagar 9 months 22 Answers 210 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hello Sagar,
    Did you do some evaluation cleanup in your collections ?
    I’m pretty sure it will help.

  2. Die you get any resolution for this issue?

  3. Hi Sagar,

    Are you facing this issue in Remote console or in Primary Server it self.

  4. You may need to check SQL performance and evaluate if you have more number of collections with Increment update enabled.

    • Dear Guru,

      Could you please provide more input on it. It would be helpful.

      • I have verified and found that in our environment, we have 522 collections where REFRESH TYPE is showing Incremental AND Full Evaluation.

        Any action required, Please suggest.

        • 522 collections with incremental an full evaluation ???
          That is very many.
          ConfigMgr has a (soft) limit on 200 incremental evaluations.
          Look at your collections, and determine if incremental is necessary. You need to cut down the number.
          And for Full evaluation – try to keep it out of business hour.

          Best answer
          • Hello Bill,

            Thanks for the update and your support. Yes, 522 collections with Incremental AND Full Evaluation. I have newly joined this company just 1 month back and due to COVID -19, we all are WFH.
            So not have the clear visibility why they made all 522 collections with Incremental AND Full Evaluation.
            Could you please guide me or provide some link, which can help.

          • First (the easy one): Any collection without a query doesn’t need evaluation.
            This will probably reduce the number of collection with incremental and scheduled evaluation.

          • Dear Bill,

            Many many thanks for your support and time. After reducing the number of Incremental and Full Update Scheduled. Configuration Manager console not getting hang in every 10 minutes.

            More cleanup required in collections. however, it seems the issue will be fixed.

        • I would strongly recommend to get the collections with incremental update down may be less than 100 for better performance. Tech limitation is up-to 200 collections with Incremental update.
          Please note coll evol is a single thread operation in MECM and can hamper the performance to a greater extend when you have lot of incremental collections.

          Another point to note is why do you need both the refresh types selected for the collection when Incremental is already selected.

          Please evaluate these things and am sure it will help to improve the performance to god extent , if still there is a issue you can drill down to look at DB performance

  5. Have you looked at collection evaluation ?
    A lot – or heavy – collection evaluations can affect the performance in the console.

    • Hello Bill,
      I hope you are doing well. I have verified in colleval.log didn’t find anything suspecting.
      Could you please advise what else I need to check to overcome this issue.

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