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Quick clarification on something.

I have a customer who we have built out a new MECM server, new site code etc. Currently, both are on 2002CB but the migrated version I want to upgrade to 2010.

Once admins access to a new site, they will be prompted to upgrade the console however at the moment they still need to access to the old site.

Will upgrading the console to the 2010 version prevent them from using their old site on CB2002? In other words, is it backwards compatible?



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    Thanks for this Anoop, I can confirm that I am able to access both sites from the new MECM site server. I have installed the new console and can access both quite easily without any user prompts. Both servers are on the same IP subnet.

    I did find this post on the MS Docs around compatability and Microsoft don’t recommend it because of differences with versions so something to bear in mind for others-

    The challenge I have is I am working with two domains in one AD forest with a 2 way trust. The discovery on the old MECM 2002CB can see both old and new domains however going forward the new MECM 2010 CB can only discover the new domain resources.

    When accessing the console from a client machine though I am finding the easy access on the server is not the same. The client I am working with is currently going through transitioning their client machines from the old to new domain and moving the site code to the new MECM environment.

    Installing the console from the new location and inputting the new MECM server details on a client machine on the new domain allows me to connect to the new site server but when trying to connect to console to old site server it fails to connect producing the ‘cannot connect to the site” error.

    If I open the console with credentials from the old domain I can access the old MECM environment.

    My question is why it works without credentials on the server but on the client it machine it asks for it. Would it being on a different IP subnet be the cause? Accessing it using alternative credentials is a workaround that works but it be nice for the client to access both environments without this extra step.

    Any ideas?

    Thank You


    I think the backward compatibility on sccm/ConfigMgr console version is n-1.

    Where N is the current version of the server.

    For example – if the server version is sccm CB 2010 (n), then n-1 version (CB 2006) of console is supported.

    I don’t know whether any hard block in place for older versions of console. I guess there is no hard block. That means old versions of console also might work but Microsoft doesn’t support it.

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