content download issue


content downloading stuck at 20% in software center. please provide solution for this problem.
How to check why it is stuck at 20%

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  1. SCCM content download issues – we should look at the following logs as I mentioned in the post

    Check out the SCCM client content-related logs in this section of the post.

    Logs Description
    PeerDPAgent.log Content – Peer Cache DP related information stored in this log
    DataTransferService.log Content – Records all BITS communication for policy or package access
    FileBITS.log Content – Records all SMB package access tasks
    CAS.log Content – Records details when distribution points are found for referenced content
    CMBITSManager.log Content – Records information for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) jobs on the device
    ContentTransferManager.log Content – Schedules the BITS or SMB to download or access packages

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