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Need someone with expertise/experience in dealing with a situation we are currently facing !!

We have a primary server right now with a total of 2TB of hard disk space that has been utilized about 90% and only 300Gb is left !!

Looking at all the new packages and application or driver package we are planning to create in the coming time we have added an additional drive of 2 TB more space into this physical server !!

Now we are planning to use a newly added hard disk for any new driver package, application, or package for source and other storage location instead of the existing one so my question is :

> where would be the content library reside if we start using the new drive ??

> if we don’t transfer our content library to new hard disk are we going to have two content libraries or it would always use the content library of the old one ??

Suggest the best possible way so we would avoid any anomaly in doing it !!

Thanking you in advance!!


Arvind Dubey

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    I am just curious to know why the same drive was not expanded in space, what was the reason for adding extra drive?

    So what my approach is always that the task whcih can be done at storage end (many organization call then Wintel) why it has to come at application level?

    Yes I think the SCCM will choose the drive having more free space.


      HI Ankit,

      Thanks for the reply :).

      Yes you are absolutely right and this task was given to Wintel first and since the primary server is a physical server according to them we have reached the threshold of MBR partition to its limit and further extension of the hard disk was not possible.

      with time the demand and need of the project grew and they kept on introducing such heavy applications and models caused the driver storage and expansion to be exceeded. That’s why we had to go for the additional driver introduction :).

      Thanks to you too for confirming the possibility of the free drive to be chosen for the content library.

      Arvind Dubey


    Thanks a Bunch, Anoop for clearing that up :).

    Hope to have your assistance going ahead too with other queries.

    Stay safe and take care :).

    Arvind Dubey

  1. Normally ConfigMgr DP component should select the best drive based on the DP configuration. While you set up a DP you get the drive letter configuration option :

    – Based on the % of free space
    – Based on the preference of drive letters configured

    More details below

    Best answer

      HI Anoop,

      Thanks a bunch for your time and reply!

      Yeah, we do have that option where it selects the best drive for it based on the free space available when we configure any DP role on a remote site server.

      However, since it is a standalone primary site with NO DP and MP configure on and we ran out of space on this primary server and now installed an additional drive on it so currently we have 3 drive as below:

      C: used for os installation.

      E: used for content lib and all other sources and packages that are almost full.

      F: new drive that we plan to use for the upcoming package and source due to the crunch on the E drive.

      Does it still follow the same rule of picking a random drive based on free space as the best drive in the case of the primary server content library too and if we would use the new drive?

      Would the content library of the primary server expand and chose the best drive option as we face during remote DP? can the two instances of content Library be expanded in this case too?

      Arvind Dubey

      Arvind Dubey

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