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We are questioning each other’s understanding on the Installation Behaviour when deploying an application

When I deploy an application to a user collection, I select the following – “Install for system if resource is a device, otherwise for user”

When Selecting Install for user, is the application still installed in the SYSTEM context, but only for the user, or does it get installed in the user context

What are your opinions?

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    Hello Leon, Here’s how the client installs the application based on selection.

    Install for user: The client only installs the application for the user to whom you deploy the application.

    Install for system: The client installs the application only once. It’s available to all users.

    Install for system if resource is device; otherwise, install for user: If you deploy the application to a device, the client installs it for all users. If you deploy the application to a user, the client only installs it for that user.

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