Control Task Sequence/Standalone Media Versions in OSD


Experts, Is there any way to control System Center Standalone Media/Task Sequence versioning. We have a requirement to force Team to use only the latest task sequence published in SCCM and throw an error when they use the older one. Any idea or lights on how can it be achieved will be helpful. Please suggest.

For Example :-

We have just published V2 of a “xyz” Task Sequence named “XYZ-v2”. Now if user try to use Standalone Media with “XYZ-V1” they are prompted like “A new Standalone Media is available. Please download and use the latest version available”

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  1. Did you able to find the solution?

  2. Hello Naveen, Are you using standalone media for deployment ? If not either you can expire all the previous or Old Deployment. Go with latest one!

    If you don’t to remove older deployment, not using media you can add the popup wizard during Task Sequence execution that will prompt user with custom message!

    Please add details that will help us to assist you.

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      Hi Jitesh,

      Thanks for your input, yeah I am using Stanadlone Media for Deployment and yes the requirement is not to remove older deployments just prompt user with custom message to use latest version and stop execution if the Media is not latest.

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