Create a Database and Sccm Virtual Machines in the Azure portal getting DB Instance Error


I create a database and Sccm virtual machines in the Azure portal. When I am installing add roles and features of wsus in Sccm, I am getting DB instance error,

I am pinging from the command prompt. Both are ok but still getting errors. so please give any suggestions on how to solve this issue

Posted by Satish Kumar P in HTMD FB Group

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    How is the connectivity? Is it via express route or any other method.

    I would suggest first make sure the connectivity.

    Here is the link. It says for migration but it will do the job.


    Replied by Garth Jones
    Did you enable name pipes as it suggests?

    Replied by Herman van Drie
    Still trying to grasp thought why anyone would run ConfigMgr Site in Azure…


    Replied by Rabi Ha
    Satish Kumar P: this may be a DNS misconfiguration.
    Query if all the machines have accurate records on their DNS server. from each device, do nslookup machine name/IP

    Replied by Rabi Ha
    I think it is . the DNS query goes onto the Internet and not on your lab. add DNS server of your server2019 on each machine (warning you may lose connection)

    Replied by Rabi Ha,
    meaning add DNS onto the ipconfig of each machine.
    This way each machine queries the correct DNS server to get the answer then navigate to the right resource


    Replied by Rimo Cantha
    Please disable your Firewall

    Replied by Tony Sterling
    Check that the SQL services are running on the SQL server.

    Replied by Satish Kumar P
    Tony Sterling checked SQL agent service but did not start.

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