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we have to create one device collection for 270 machines and there are 45000 machines in the console it is very difficult by doing direct rule can you please provide with solution.

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    Can you please provide me the link if any



    Is there any common criteria between those 270 machines? If not then you have to do it manually.

    Common criteria can be something unique in hostname, any particular software etc, if you find out this then you can create query and use that in membership of collection.

    1. To do it manually you can use SCCMRCT tool on your local workstation if you have console installed and add bulk machines to a collection.
    2. I would prefer to add machines in a collection like Machine1,Machine2,Machine3,Machine4……

    Just paste all these 270 machines in a column in excel, use concatenate formula and then all your machines will be as above in a row separated by a comma.Copy and paste all these machines in a single go in Add membership option of collection >>click search and Ok.

    Note: remember not to put comma at the end of last machine otherwise it will search all the machines in SCCM.

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