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I have been asked to see if there is a way to see who is using new teams. I found that new teams show in v_GS_WINDOWS8_APPLICATION while the version of teams machine-wide is showing in v_Add_Remove_Programs. I can do simple reports. i was able to do two seperate querys but i wanted to see if its possible to combine them so that the results would be computer x this version in ARP and version in windows8_application or if one of them is null. Is that just done by the table somehow, or do I have to combine the query somehow?

Posted by Joe Terracciano in HTMD FB Group


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  1. Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Garth, we don’t have the user version. That’s why I was looking at those tables. Do you have any suggestions on how to combine them into one table so I can see which system has both installed? I figured if I can get that, I can see about looking at who is using what. But that might be the better way to go, just seeing who is using which exe. I will probably start collecting that data tomorrow.

    Replied by Garth Jones

    Joe Terracciano, FYI, I will be posting a blog and Video on how to do this one Wednesday AM. Just putting the final touches on it.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Garth, thanks will be on the lookout

  2. Replied by Cory O’Brien

    As for getting both or either in one query (and without double checking in my own environment), can you include the ((ADR display name=Teams classic) OR (the Win 8 apps display name equivalent=new teams)) as criteria and then include both of those in the selected values for output along with system resource name, etc? If that works, I think it would catch all three states: classic only, new only, and both. Or if you combined those criteria with AND, you would just catch the machines with both. The system resource table would just need to be the left table in whichever case. Sorry if that’s not right, just going by memory and not testing anything out.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Cory, thanks. I will give it a shot

    Replied by Garth Jones

    Yes, you can do that, but keep in mind that you might not see user-installed versions… but just because it is installed does not mean it is being used….

  3. Replied by Immanuel Garcia…/sample-queries-software…

    Replied by Cory O’Brien

    Wouldn’t you need to incorporate software metering to see who’s actually using which version? It’s been my experience that both can be installed on a machine at once. For instance, on my own machine, if I click start and start typing teams, the classic version is found first. If I open it, I’m prompted whether I want to continue with the classic or continue using the new one. I’ve not had cause to investigate personally as to how the metering rules would need to be set up per .exe to differentiate, so I can’t speak to that. But it looks like your method would just show who has which installed, and you may find a lot of machines with both.

    Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Cory, yeah, I am going to look at turning on metering for it to see.

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