CTool: RegisterManagedBinary :Failed to Register c:/Program Files/Microsoft Configuration Manager

Hi experts why I am getting this error and how to fix this…
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Posted by Danish Afzal in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Shane Alexander

    Danish Afzal Yes, and reading helps. It clearly shows you it succeeded after the initial failure.

    Replied by William Coy Bracken

    That’s normal. You will see it every time. Has zero impact.

    Replied by Mayank Singh Chauhan

    Every error is not an issue

    Danish Afzal
    Thank you all for your response and for your time.


    Replied by Shane Alexander

    Chris Chisholm Exactly! If we chased every “red line” in a log we’d go crazy.

    Replied by Danish Afzal
    Shane Alexander yes I got it every red line is cm trace doesn’t mean there is an issue that is to be fixed.
    Thank you


    Replied by Shane Alexander

    There is nothing to fix. Is there actually a problem?
    You can see that it fails to register wsusmsp.dll with .Net v2, but right after that, it shows it succeeds in registering wsusmsp.dll with .Net v4.0!
    Also, it says “Installation was successful”.
    So, what is the problem?

    Replied by Chris Chisholm

    As Shane Alexander indicated there is nothing wrong here – It shows Installation Successful. With ConfigMgr just because there is Red in CMTrace doesn’t mean there is an issue.

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