CWmi Connect() failed to connect to server name root CIMv2. Error 2002


The current SCCM environment is running on 2002. It has been upgraded from 1902 to 2002. But on this DP we got this error.

CWmi::Connect() failed to connect to \\server name\root\CIMv2. Error = 0x800706BA Error coming on DP .. This DP role is already installed and we got this error. We have upgraded our env on 2002 .

What is the Solution ? I checked permisssion as well all okay.

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Nandan Marathe 6 months 7 Answers 162 views Beginner 0

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  1. Thank you for the update. Good Information.

  2. Hello Nandan,

    May we know the current status if you tried these steps mentioned in the answers above?

  3. Please follow below steps to fix this issue.
    1. Ensure dp is pingable.
    2. Windows firewall should be disabled state.
    3. Copy this file smsdpprov.mof from primary server. such command
    mofcomp.exe smsdpprov.mof.
    5 wait few times.

  4. I think this error is only after upgrade, then you might need to restart the server and that might fix issue.

    If not, there could be some issue with Firewall ports and communication between SCCM server and MP

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