Database Replication – Link Unknown


Hi Team,

Database replication for secondary servers showing as “Link Unknown”.

Initiated replication link analyzer it says “SQL Server Broker login is missing”  we recreated broker login, but issue occurs again and again. Please help me to apply permanent fix.



Prasanth Padmanaban

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  1. Hello,

    Had you checked the below logs –

    -Rcmctrl.log – Records the activities of SQL database replication between SCCM sites in the hierarchy
    -Sender.log – Records the activities in case of manual sync of replication groups. This manual replication can be done as part of troubleshooting with .PUB files

    Let’s check what the necessary troubleshooting steps an SCCM admin can perform, I would recommend go through these posts once –




    Best answer

      Cannot see any error on rcmctrl.log. We have restarted primary and sec servers now status showing as link active.

      Will monitor for some time, I hope we don’t face issue again.

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