Deploying Dot net and Windows/Office updates using SUP


Hi All

I am looking for some help on doing software updates/WSUS within MECM 2002.

So I have gone and setup the SUP role within MECM 2002 and installed WSUS as part of the pre-reqs. I have performed a synchronisation and can see now that when running group policy on machines, it’s now pointing the software update location to the MECM server.

However I need to know what I now need to do next.

Would the next step be to create ADR rules within MECM?

Also I have had issues installing 3.5 as part of Windows 10 OSD and through software centre (Software centre I receive an error 0x800F0818(-2146498536).

My plan now is to install this (if I can) as part of WSUS/SUP. Is this possible whilst the machine does it updates and I target a dot net install?

Look forward to your responses.

Thanks again for the support, it’s really appreciated.


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    Hi All

    I managed to follow this article which fixed my 3.5 issue

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    Go with SCCM Application deployment model to deploy the .NET application latest version.

    In Application model, you have an option to supersede old version.


  1. You can install only Windows, Office patches and quality updates using WSUS and SUP.

    I don’t know whether .net app updates are part of windows 10 cumulative update …

    The issue which you explained about software center is a bit different

    You might need to check the log files to get more details

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