Detection method for Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration x64


Hi Experts ,

Detection method which I used for Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration x64 application is not working.

Detection method right now :

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If anyone is else is using any another detection method , please do let me know.

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Ketan Kamble 6 months 2021-01-18T12:17:41+05:30 11 Answers 70 views Beginner 0

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    Application is getting installed but at the end detection method is failing.


    Hi Ankit , i tried that link it is not working.


    Nup that is the challenge , unable to find any registry which shows the application version and detailed information regarding the application


    This is for Windows 7 , unable to find registry for Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration

    for windows 10

  1. I have seen people using the follwoing registry key as a detection method:


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