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Hello Everyone,

I am supposed to install SCCM client on more than 1000 devices in an environment. I want to use client push method. The devices are discovered on sccm server. However, I can’t simply enable Site-wide automatic client push to deploy clients. Instead, I want to push clients in small number of devices batches. I am looking out for device collection queries that can group devices using computer name or may be specific IP Address Range or IP Subnet or may be specific location or any other suitable device collection query which will suffice my requirement. This will help me to initiate the client push in controlled manner without causing any network traffic issue. Please do let me know if anyone has the above-mentioned collection queries.

Thanks, in advance.

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  1. Hi Pritam,

    You can create a dynamic collection based on the AD locations or OU. Also, you can create the static collection and add the devices where you want to test. Here I have added a few blog posts on how to create a dynamic collection for your reference.

    I hope this helps you.

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