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Hello, Accidentally a collection of 10k devices deleted from SCCM database, however we managed to bring them in all system collection, but the other collections are not updated where these 10k devices are part of, we reran the system discovery and collection evaluation component but no luck, can you suggest any other way we can to enforce all collection’s membership? TIA

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    Looks like duplicate question. Please close any one of the thread.


    If the computer has been deleted accidentally from the collection or from the database, it can be restored by follow procedures from the client:

    1.Discovery Data Collection Cycle
    2.Hardware Inventory Cycle
    3.Software Inventory Cycle

    After few minutes the client will be again into the database

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      This is all done, we managed to bring them in root collection sms00001, but the collections which are limiting with ‘all systems’ collection are not updated.



        By default root collection is all systems only. When the object is discovery from AD or if the agent is communicated to SCCM server then by default object will be populated to root collection. By default this collection is configured as incremental update membership rule. You will not get option to delete the collection.



    If that object is deleted from SCCM Database means it should not reflect in your root collection (All Systems – SMS00001).

    You can wait for week based on SCCM Client heartbeat discovery object will again report to your sccm server.

    You can initiate the AD system discovery to bring the objects from AD to SCCM DB.


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