I’m building an infrastructure with SCCM working on HA and SQL AOAG.

The active node will be located in one DC and the Passive on the other.

To achieve it a need to set up a remote file share for the content library and I want to set up the witness for the SQL Cluster in another file share.

The problem is that at the moment my client does not have any HA storage solution available so the resources would be always available in case of a disaster in one of the DCs.

They have suggested to me to use DFS Standalone and replicas, so I could establish HA for my file shares at the OS level. I’m not sure if this could work…..what’s your opinion?

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    Have not come across using DFS for CL HA in MECM, not sure if it is supported scenario or not.

    Your point of making CL also HA is genuine , would suggest to see the possibilities to having SAN disk for this.


    Hello – Even though Microsoft doesn’t support (officially) ConfigMgr with DFS share for content shares, I have many huge organizations using the same for many years without any issue.

    So ideally if no one is going to tamper/change the files in those shares, then it will work just fine.

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