Difficulty when using VMWare VMs with SCCM Deployment for Windows 11 Error Code 0x80004005


We are starting to work on testing Windows 11 and are running into difficulty when using VMWare VMs with SCCM Deployment for Windows 11.

We have added the necessary TPM options to the VM, but when we image the machine, it errors out right away with error code 0x80004005.

We have run across this error on laptops with the drive encrypted, and the industry was not decrypted before re-imaging. From what we can see on the test VM, the aim is not encrypted, but it says that the VM configuration files are encrypted.

Not sure if that could be causing the issue. Any assistance with the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

Posted by Todd Lamberth in HTMD FB Group

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    I have seen this earlier.

    Do this and you should be good.



    Replied by Nolan Adams

    Fry is doing a diskpart on the disk; usually, when I see that 4005 error, it cant readwrite to the disk. blow any existing partitions away, or just re-create the disk blank.

    Also, look at what Storage adaptor you’re using. depending on your PE build or version, it might not be able to see the disk. sometimes the paravirtual adaptor for the disk plays havoc

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