Disable the defaut website IIS for SCCM


Hello guys, Do you know if its possible to disable the default website of IIS for SCCM? This do some security restrictons in our environment.

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  1. Hi,

    You are not going to disable default website on SCCM hosted servers. Because when we install any SCCM related roles on that server. By default it use that default website IIS to host the MP /DP/SUP/AI/reporting service role on that server.

    Better you can change the site from http to https. that will bring your site as more secure.


  2. It depends on which MECM server you are trying for this

    Having said it is not recommended to disable IIS as most of the other functionalities of MECM are dependent IIS.

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  3. It’s not recommended because MP and other components are using default website…

    More details


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