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Hi Guys,

I am just wondering, does the disabled machines attributes get updated in SCCM or not.

Suppose X machine was enabled in AD and  after few days AD guys has disabled that machine and changed the Description so now the new description will be reflected in SCCM or not ?
NOTE: The machine has the sccm agent installed.

What I have observed is that it’s not changing .

Also, couple of machines attributes are not getting updated in SCCM/SQL like their location. user and other fields.

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    Yeah right, only those machines are marked as Disabled which are not in used by users.

    As the maintenance task has been set for 30 days for Inactive machines to get removed from sccm.

    So can I conclude that the machines attribute will not be updated in SCCM if it’s disabled in AD.


    What is the criteria AD guys are following to mark the machines as disabled ?

    I hope they are not disabling any online / active / recent logged in machines 🙂

    Assuming AD guys are disabling the computer account for those machines which never logged in past 30, 60 days that means they are mostly offline

    Even if they are part of SCCM discovery you wont get any further information or attributes for these machines as part of discovery

    Eventually they are expected to be deleted as part of maintenance task in SCCM and in AD as well as part of routine cleanup activity.

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    Once object is disabled from AD then object will be part of same Active OU or object can be moved into different OU ?



      Hi Karthikeyan,

      Machine is moved to different OU but the discovery is running to complete site and the disabled machines were getting discovered in sccm.



    SCCM discovery works based on two scenario
    1. Full discovery – Major change
    2. Delta discovery – Minor change

    If the object is disabled from AD even if the object is part of your system discovery scope ou then using delta discovery that changes will be reflected in SCCM database. but the question is how you configured your delta discovery in SCCM side.



    I have already tried running the system discovery and waited for a week.
    However, the disabled machines new description was not captured by sccm.


    I have not tested this.

    Probably it’s worth a running a full discovery instead of delta discovery.

    More details https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/servers/deploy/configure/configure-discovery-methods#bkmk_config-adgd

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