DISTRIBUTING the content before deployment


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Usually, for Application and OSD in SCCM/ Configuration Manager, we DISTRIBUTE THE CONTENT BEFORE DEPLOYMENT right…

But for PATCHING  are we DISTRIBUTING the content before deployment ??

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    When we right click on package/Application we have a option to Ditribute the content to DP.

    Similarly for OSD
    WE DISTRIBUTE the following right before deploying Task Sequence

    Boot images

    My doubt is

    Are we DISTRIBUTING the patches to DP or how because I don’t see option to DISTRIBUTE when I right click on any patch….

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  1. I don’t know what is the context of “DISTRIBUTING the content before deployment?” Can you elaborate a bit more?

    Even the application deployment package can get downloaded before the installation schedule time.

    ***** Also please frame the question correctly with the correct title***************

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