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Dear all

DP Issue::


We have one primary site and multiple distribution points(in different domains).
Some of the domains are having trust and some not. Let me come to the issue.
There was trust between 2 domains and suddenly due to the some security reason , trust is removed.
Content distribution started failing .
It shows success first and later move to failed state.

Troubleshooting performed so far
We have created a local account in the dp with the same name as we use to install the dp. Local account has been added to the Administrator group.
Granted full permission for this account for all the DP content folders and subfolders.

I am not sure whether it’s relevant , I cannot do remote desktop connection from SCCM Primary site to the DP. It’s possible only from jump host.

Kindly advise if anyone faced this kind of issue and let me know how it can be resolved.

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    I don’t how to upload the screenshot logs details.

  1. Hi Sathish,

    Can you check the DP installation status? What is the error you are getting on the SCCM console?
    Could you share the logs with us to know more about the issue?

    If your DP is under the untrusted domain, you can still use the DP. Check if all the required ports are opened. You can create a service account and provide all admin access to that account.

    Please share the logs to help you better.


      HI BRO, thanks for the quick response.

      Actually, as I mentioned the DP was working fine until last month. ASAP removed the trust the issue started immediately.

      This dp installation was done year ago and all was good. Only issue after removed trust. And all the ports are opened.

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