DNS address correction on SCCM servers


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There is trust break is going on between  2 organization due to which DNS address correct is required on SCCM servers. Please advice what will be impact of SCCM infrastructure and resolutions.

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  1. FQDN is very important for SCCM and this is one of the basics and without this CM might not work properly.

    Even short name resolutions are important for Configuration Manager.

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      Per my understanding if there is any modification happens in DNS ip’s . It should be windows server/network support team responsibilities to make sure that there shouldn’t be an impact on sccm servers post implementation. If there will be any impact, windows server/network support team need to fix it. The role of SCCM administrator is to do post implementation check. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong and requesting you to share any checklist which can be use to validate SCCM infrastructure health, post any change implementation on SCCM servers.

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