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Enabling do and connected cache features for win 10 1709 and 1903 machines. Want to know that how can I verify freatures working remotely?



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  1. Windows 10 DO is supported for SCCM client 1910 or later

    You can try Get-DeliveryOptimizationStatus PowerShell command and the following log files related Delivery Optimisation (DO) and Connected Cache for DO

    ARR setup log: %temp%arr_setup.log

    DO cache server setup log: SMS_DP$Ms.Dsp.Do.Inc.SetupDoincSetup.log on the distribution point, and DistMgr.log on the site server

    IIS operational logs: By default, %SystemDrive%inetpublogsLogFiles

    DO cache server operational log: C:DoincProductInstallLogs

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