Downgrade IE 11 to minor version of IE 11



Is there any Microsoft database to download specific lower IE 11 version (11.657.18362.0) of internet explorer.

I need to uninstall current IE 11 version (11.1098.17763.0) and need to install IE 11 version (11.657.18362.0).

Please help.

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    There is no such thing. As Anoop mentioned, IE is part of the Windows OS and it’s hard coded. It received minor upgrades with CUs and Feature Upgrades. Technically IE is a superseded browser as Edge and now Edge Chromium is the default.

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    Hello – I have not seen any download option like that. But, I could be wrong. is the version is available here

    But please remember IE is part of OS and it’s Windows component. So might find some difficulties to install different versions if I’m not wrong. Checkout here

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