Download a very complete MECM//O365


Hi All,

Hi team, I will share a link to download a complete MECM//O365 managed by EM+S Lab on Hyoer-V. It is important to mention that you will need a powerful laptop or desktop, you can read all the information and know how to setup
Aka. Ms/windows11labkit

Posted by Fran CruMa in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Fran CruMa

    Andre Williams sometimes happens. Everybody we are ignorant, but not all ignore the same things. Einstein speech

    Replied by Suhail Ansari

    pls share

    Replied by Fran CruMa

    Suhail Ansari Aka. Ms/windows11labki

  2. Replied by Andre Williams

    People have been using the Microsoft Lab kit for years, mate… no need to share, I personally have about 10 versions

    Replied by Fran CruMa

    Andre Williams, maybe a lot of people, but maybe you know that are new engineers searching for resources to learn SCCM… And they are trying to find some interesting resources here…

    Replied by Andre Williams

    My apologies I read my comment back and it did sound like a know-it-all ,must of missed my meds that day…

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