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Hey Guys,

Back again with a query on SCCM.

My SCCM DP drive is Full (D:) and have added xtra HDD (E:) for further distribution of pkgs & apps. By right, SCCM will auto distribute the pkgs to new available drive with most space i.e. E drive, but it does not and in returns distribution fails due to low disk space on D drive (Still pointing to D drive).

Actions Taken:

  • New drive (E:) detects in site status.
  • Tried manually forcing the registries & IIS sites point to E drive…. but still fail:

Any idea anything i am missing on this

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    is the new package are distribution to new drive or not?

  1. Check the question heading before posting the question pls

    Have verified try letter settings of DP?

    Drive Letter Settings

    Specify the Drive settings for the SCCM distribution Point. I think you can find this in DP properties?


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