DP is not distributing packages


Hi Team,
Need your help to understand what is the wrong going on.

Have prepared SCCM server on azure with MP,DP & SUS on Azure.
Have prepared DP server on on-Prem infra.

Have Created boundaries & Groups in SCCM.
Created separated boundaries & boundary group for on-Prem servers and added DP server only to on-Prem boundaries & Group.

My requirement is that – when i push software updates/applications to on-Prem client machines using on-Prem DP.

When i push software update from Azure – on-prem client is not getting updates , logs says looking wsus server location. and clients also not connecting to SCCM server – logs says unable to get DP server.

when i add Azure DP/MP/SUS to on-Prem boundaries & group that works fine – but in that situation packages are distributing using Azure DP not the on-Prem DP.

Can anyone suggest pls what is the wrong.

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    Is this because of firewall ports communication issues between Azure and on-prem DP?

    have you opened the required firewall ports?


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