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Hi Everyone

Currently have a new environment on 2002 CB with 1 site server and 1 DP. Just performed a source hierarchy migration from a 2002CB.

It seems most app deployments are successful in the new hieracrchy however when deploying packages I run into an issue.

It seems deploying just to the DP it fails but when deploying to both primary server and DP it succeeds. The site server also acts as a DP.

When looking at the distrmgr log all is successful from that perspective but when reviewing the pkgxfermgr I see some errors.

ExecStaticMethod failed (80041001) SMS_DistributionPoint, FinalizeContent

CSendFileAction::SendContent failed; 0x80041001

When reviewing the smsdpprov log on the individual DP it shows the following:

MoveFile failed for \?F:SCCMContentLibDataLibCS1003BE.3.temp to \?F:SCCMContentLibDataLibCS1003BE.3

FileRename failed; 0x80070002

CContentDefinition::Finalize failed; 0x80070002

Failed to finalize content ‘CS1003BE.3’ for package ‘CS1003BE’. Error code: 0X80070002

I attach a screenshot when reviewing the error on the monitoring window.


2021 03 31 12 14 06 - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - DP standalone failing to create content

I have added the primary site computer account as a local admin to the DP. Anything else I might be missing here?

I did try to restart WMI services and check permissions but all looks ok to me as per this blog: https://smsagent.blog/2017/04/24/configmgr-content-distribution-fails-with-0x80041001/



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    Thanks Anoop.

    I didn’t do that only because it was partially successful in deploying the content but I suppose I could try that.

    I didn’t find anything in the Windows event logs in relation to the content distribution but I did try to create folders on the DP shares using the Network access account, my logged in account (which is a member of local admin on the DP) as well as being a full administrator and was able to write to the locations using both file and folder creation.

  1. Hope you have already tried to remove the package and add it back after a good amount of time?

    Have you checked the event logs on the server to get some clue about Windows-related errors?

    Check whether you can create files/folders inside the folder F: SCCMContentLibDataLibCS1003BE.3 with a system account?

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