Driver auto tool – pushing updates based on laptop model while ignoring Win Ver


In Driver auto tool, i need to select the laptop model and the OS ver, but I believe the OS version is not mandatory?

I got 6 HP G4 and 6 different windows 10 versions

If i download one driver package for HP G4 and push it to all 6 windows version it should work ?

In summary what I want to confirm is:

– using the same laptop model drivers should work regardless the Windows 10 version I got in my environment?

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    Thank you Jitesh Kumar and Ankit Shukla for the answers,

    Definitely, the test over a few HP G4 will do the trick.

    Driver auto tool actually pulls the drivers from the Manufacturer site when you select the correct laptop model and manufacturer.


    Hello Amer, It will work without selecting installed Windows Version. If you are not using latest available drivers based on Windows Version in some scenario you will find inside “Device Manager” some drivers appear with explanation mark or falling in Other devices unknown category.

    To ignore any functionality issues try to install latest available drivers in few HP G4 running with all different Windows Version and validate from Device Manager.

    For Reference you can visit to this post –

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    I am not aware of driver auto tool , but in general when you search for driver on the vendor site it gives option for which operating system you want to download.
    As far as I have seen on Dell site when download driver it asks for operating system.

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