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    I am new to driver automation tool as in our environment we create a driver package and install it during task sequence. May be I should have not answered the question and have gone thru more but I was looking for if there is another set of documentation or blog a part from this one.

    Harjit Dhaliwal was expecting bit soft reply from you . Anyways thanks for the answer.


      I totally get that you are new to the environment and need some guidance. That is perfectly fine and that is what we are here to do as well as all over social media.

      Soft or hard replies is a matter of interpretations. A little effort to “Google” and to read docs which are readily available goes a long way and helps all of us. We are making great efforts to help! Thanks.


    Are you seriously asking this question about docs for a tool which is completely available right there on the site you posted? *SIGH*

    You’ll find the docs and steps listed there and they also have a video walking through it. Please do yourself and all of us a favor and make a little effort in looking for simple information which is already easily available. Thanks.


    There are multiple solutons available for Driver Automation, it will be helpful if you can explain the context around which you want to apply this tool.
    – During OSD?
    – During Windows Updates?
    There are also some preinstalled third party catalog avaialble in MEM console to manage driver update

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    I think it should be there in MSEndpointMgr website

    What is missing there ?

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