During MECM 2002 I have choose Standalone Primary Site but once installation finish it converted to Central Site



Yesterday I did the Installation for SCCM 2002 with a Primary standalone site in one of my customer environment with SQL cluster it went well, but once the Installation finish I have verified the Site settings & found that in place of the Primary site the site changes to the central site and then I have verified the screenshot & the video which I took during Installation I correctly choose primary site server only with MP & DP.

But there is one issue in the customer environment they already have one 1510 sccm server in the same domain environment as a stand-alone primary.

Now my concern is as per my knowledge I cannot degrade central to primary and can I do something with their current primary and to outcome this what is the best approach.




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    Anoop do you think there is any possibility to change this since the customer is not ready to provide their MS account to open a ticket they said they have fewer hrs of support.
    They are putting it all on us.

    So, in this case, your suggestion sees the attached file for installation steps it’s the correct one.

  1. If you can call Microsoft support, they can help you to eliminate CAS and resolve your issue.

    I don’t think we can do it ourselves, the only support engineers can make those changes.

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