During windows update install getting error Remote procedure called failed


Dear Team,

Could someone please help me to fix the error remote procedure call failed during windows update or VPN driver install. Due to this COVID time couldn’t able to reach office and perform reimage.

Tried below actions:

sfc /scannow

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    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the update but how can i check which firewall port is causing the issue all of sudden. My machine is working more than 2 years its happened just a month ago for windows updates and now i couldn’t able to install INF drivers and getting remote procedure call failed.

    Is there a repair tool which will fix without reinstall the OS.

    • Yes, it’s quite possible because network team can change their setting any time without informing us. Better to do a network trace or port query to understand this. I have seen many similar issues because of Firewalls after 3-4 of the implementation.

      Or try disabling antivirus products … on server and client end

      Best answer

    Yeah this sounds to be firewall ports related. Anoop’s blog post is very detailed about this.


    This is typical firewall configuration error …

    RPC ports are not opened probably

    Check the details here pls


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