Each Time client need to reinstall for latest update


Hi Team,
Facing a strange issue in some of server clients in one of the secondary site location.( Local sccm server also having same issue)
Windows update do not show in software center and only show after client reinstall. Every month we have to do a client reinstall to fetch/scan latest patches.
I have verified everything is fine,reinstalled mp,no issue in any logs,boundaries are fine and connectivity too. Even did a clean install of Sccm client,rebuild wmi as well.
Only in scan agent could see for some scan jobs are happening using cached results.
Please help with this,let me know if any other information is required.

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    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your response. Checked with AV, no issue.

    Could you please help with anything specific with GP or hardening policy which I can check.

  1. Antivirus or Group policies or security hardening remediation is creating this issue from the description of the issue.

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