Enable Co-Management in SCCM


I have all the pre-requisites in place (I think) to enable co-management like

  • Mobile Device Management authority set to Microsoft Intune
  • The device is Hybrid Azure AD joined
  • Windows 10 version 1909
  • ConfigMgr version 2103
  • An Azure account that has an Intune subscription assigned
  • A ConfigMgr account that is a full administrator with the β€œAll” security scope

Can I now enable the co-management or do I need to set up the CMG in this case or is there any main pre-requisite or thing that I need to check before I enable co-management? My target is to enable co-management and later all devices to Intune.

Please let me know your suggestions.


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    CMG is not a pre req for co-management. CMG is only if you wish to manage Internet based clients and need to serve contents to those devices.

    comanagement is the way to go and is very powerful and should fulfil most of your needs.

    why do you think you need a Cmg?


    Hello Raghav, It’s good to see detailed information in the post. I would recommend checking all
    mentioned prerequisite and best practices in detailed way described in below post

    + SCCM ConfigMgr How to Setup Co-Management – Introduction – Prerequisites


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