Enable command prompt support and inject drivers in a default boot image using Endpoint Manager 2002


Hey Guys,

I am evaluating ConfigMgr 2002 in a lab environment. I was trying to enable the command prompt support and wanted to inject some network and mass storage drivers into the built-in boot image x64. Unfortunately I can’t see the drivers and customization tab as mentioned in the documentation.


Please advice. Thanks

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    I noticed that the WinPE version and Windows ADK version was not matching. I uninstalled WinPE Add-on and installed the matching version with Windows ADK.

  1. Hello Rajiv, It seems you are not using the updated Boot Image! These tabs will be only appear when you had Installed ADK Version match the boot image version.

    Review the installed Windows ADK Version and Boot Image Version.

    Reference link – https://www.anoopcnair.com/update-windows-adk-step-by-step-guide-for-sccm/#SCCM_Windows_ADK_and_WinPE_Upgrade

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