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Good morning, guys, did anyone catch an error like that?


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Gilberto 11 months 2020-05-13T14:53:30+05:30 3 Answers 143 views Beginner 0

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    Hello Gilberto,

    Please check the shared possible cause, as well analyse smsts.log for detailed info. In your case its failing to “Apply Windows Settings” step. If you still having issues try to share the logs.

    + Troubleshoot SCCM OSD Task Sequence

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    I think Deepak had something

    Failed to Run Task sequence with error code “0x80004005”
    Possible causes of 0x80004005 are given below:

    1. Communication failure from source to MP
    2. Ping failure
    3. Port block
    4. Unknown host

    Check out…

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