Error in Multicast imaging however Unicast is working


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I’m facing issue in multicast imaging however we have checked all the setting are in placed like signedsignatureMCS reg and MCSmsi.log is also slows its successfully enabled.

when we check mcsisapi. Log and found this error and while checking the smsts.log get the below error :


pdownload -> download HRESULT=800705b4
Encountered error transfering file (0x800705B4)
sending status message:SMS_OSDEployment_Packagedonwloadmulticaststatusfail
Installation of image 3 in package cas00600 failed to complete.
the has value is not correct (error :80091007; source:window )McsIsapi.log

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  1. Is this ever worked before? Or is this a new issue came up recently.

    It seems to be some error with the connectivity:-

    800705b4 – This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

    Are you running 2002 version of SCCM ?

    If so there is a known issue

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