Error in verifying the trust of file during SCCM upgrade from 1806 to 1810


Hello All,

I am in process of upgrading SCCM from 1806 to 1810 version. The upgrade is stuck at running pre-requisite check and at Extract Update Package stage.

In the error logs, it is continuously giving the following error:

Error in verifying the trust of file ‘\?C:Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration’.


I have tried with deleting the EasySetupPayLoad, CMUStaging folders. Re-install Service Connection Point role but the error still persist. Please suggest me next on this.


When I run update reset tool, it is giving the following error:

0x80131500 – {0}

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  1. You need to have appropriate access to SQL DB and on the site servers to run the update reset tool.

    Check the prerequisites section of the post

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