Examples for Configuration Item and Configuration Baselines


Hi All ,

To manage the SCCM infrastructure which CI and CB you all are using ?

In our environment i am using below Configurations Items:

1.Clean up old IIS logs from SCCM servers.

2.Check windows 10 firewall status

3. defender service status check

4. CB to check pending reboots

If you are using any more CI and CB’s . Please share some example with us .

It will beneficial to all.

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    Below are few more examples which I am using.

    1. Evaluating certificate.
    2. UAC check.
    3. Checking powershell execution policy.
    4. License file.
    5. Antivirus scan check.
    6. USB disable check.
    7. ccmcache cleaner.


    Hi Anoop / Karthikeyan ,

    Can you please share the detailed steps to implement the below Configuration item or baselines.

    Validate Definition updates

    presence of an application

    Presence of a License file

    Karthikeyan – If you have more examples please do let me know , i am personally following your page since many years :

    MS https://social.technet.microsoft.com/profile/karthikeyan.%20a/



    Using baseline approach. We can do many things. ( Personally i have done more than 100 baselines rules for both servers and workstations).

    compliance settings is not only used to validate the condition but that will do remediation also if the condition not met.

    Examples are below:
    1. Remediate Bitlocker
    2. Validate Bios password
    3. Validate BIOS Boot order
    4. Remediate Antivirus Service.
    5. Validate Definition updates
    6. Validate TPM Pin


    Best answer

    I have seen some examples like checking the

    presence of an application

    Presence of a License file

    Many other software inventories scenarios can be full filled with CI and Baselines of SCCM

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